Privacy Policy Summary


Chatloop is a language-learning platform designed to support people seeking asylum, refugees and people from refugee backgrounds who are adapting to new cultures and environments. Chatloop allows these language learners to interact daily with native speakers via text messages sent from an application on their mobile device.

When registering to use the Platform, users will be asked to provide information about themselves that is personal. Some of the information that is collected by Chatloop is disclosed to other users of the Platform.

This summary sets out the key things you need to know about how and why we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information. Capitalised terms not defined in this summary are defined in our Privacy Policy.

If you would like more information, you can access the complete Privacy Policy here. There is also a useful overview of personal information collection and usage here.

Personal information that we collect

“Personal Information” means information that allows someone to identify or contact you, including your name, email address and other related information that is not available to the public. Personal Information includes “Sensitive Information” as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The Personal Information that we collect from you is listed below in Table 1. Note that when you register to use the Platform you are asked to provide a ‘display’ name. You may choose to give your real name or to use an alias.

Table 1
Personal InformationCollected from UsersVisible to other Users
First name¹
Email address²
Phone number²
Country they are living in
Users may optionally provide:
Town or city they are living in³
Personal photo³
Sensitive InformationCollected from UsersVisible to other Users
First language

When do we collect personal information?

When registering to use the Platform, you will be asked to provide information that is personal. The information that you provide to us listed in Table 1. When you create a Chatloop account, you give permission for the information indicated in Table 2 to be displayed on your User Profile. This means that it can be accessed and viewed by Chatloop staff and certain Users. All Personal Information (including Sensitive Information) that we collect is held and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Records of conversations that occur via the Platform are kept electronically. This means that if you choose to disclose information (whether personal, sensitive or otherwise) to another User on the Platform, that information can be viewed by the User as well as the Tutor and Partner that are taking part in the Chatloop Activity with you.

When do we let other people see your personal information?

When you create a Chatloop account, you will be prompted to create a personal Chatloop User Profile (“User Profile”). Platform users will be able to view the information that is in your User Profile. Your User Profile contains the following information:

  • first name (or alias);

  • gender;

  • nationality;

  • first language that you spoke; and

  • country that you are currently living in.

If you want to, you can also share:

  • your age;

  • city you are currently living in; or

  • a picture of you, or a picture that represents you.

When you create a Chatloop account, you give permission for the information that is displayed in your User Profile to be accessed by other Users who are participating in a Chatloop Activity with you.

Why do we share your personal information?

The information on your User Profile identifies you and gives other Users information that is useful for them to know when they communicate with you via the Platform. Sharing this information makes the Platform more user friendly and Users’ experience on the platform more personal.

What other information is collected?

When you use the Chatloop Application, we will collect information about your usage. This information allows Users to see if they have communicated with each other before, to keep track of conversations and monitor learning progress. This information also provides Chatloop with information and statistics that can be used to make the Platform better.

Can anyone else see your information?

Personal Information that is in your User Profile can be accessed by other Users who are participating in a Chatloop Activity with you. Your Personal Information is not shared with anyone else. However, the information that you give us, including information that you share via the Platform during conversations with other Users, may be de-identified and used for research purposes or to manage and/or improve the Platform. Once de-identified, the information is anonymous and cannot be used to identify you.

What can you do about your personal information?

If you believe that Personal Information held by Chatloop is incorrect, you can correct this information by updating your profile or deleting your account. Alternatively, you can contact us at

How to make a complaint

We care for your privacy. If you believe that your information has not been handled appropriately, we would like to know. You can email us at